Shonita Lawrence

Shonita has extensive background in working within corporations and small businesses.  She started off within a company called Pragmaton Advertising Agency in 1995 as a personal assistant to the Director of Meeting and Financial Services.  After 2 years there, she was blessed with an opportunity to work for Chicago Public Schools as an administrative assistant. Years later she was promoted to Coordinator of Home/Hospital Services of Special Education (where she provided teacher services for students that were ill/disabled whether they were at home or in the hospital). She also managed various financial accounts to ensure that time, management and money were being properly allocated to each specific budget line for services rendered. After 12 years of service with CPS she was laid off due to budget cuts.  The satisfaction of helping people was something she had always enjoyed.  Shortly thereafter she was asked to be the office manager of a small business called Precious Nurses Home Healthcare. Making her responsible for 20 home/health aides, 3 registered nurses along with a large number of clients.

Her background has provided the knowledge needed to pursue different avenues of business. With years of experience and a diploma in Business she has been able to further enhance her skills with Perimeter Architects as their Office Assistant/Bookkeeper.  “I have been blessed to be a part of a wonderful team of architects and I look forward to the knowledge that I will gain in the future”.

Shonita is also a veteran of the U. S. Army National Guard and is a mother of 5 beautiful children.