Chicago, IL   |   2015

The renovation of an existing 2-story brick office building and warehouse to accommodate the headquarters of The Roof Crop, Omni Ecosystems and the Runner Collective.  The driving force of the project was the installation of the innovative Omni Meadow Mix over the warehouse to create an urban rooftop farm.  Truly a farm-to-table experience, the program includes a USDA clean room for processing the harvest on site and same day delivery of produce.  The inherent logic of the building was exploited to provide a variety of growing settings from different soil depths, vertical growing surfaces and indoor growing rooms.  The new construction component of a vertical circulation  provided increased program space at the second floor.  The aesthetic of the industrial Kinzie Corridor informed the design decisions and allowed flexibility for each tenant to create their own environment.  A shared open office area on the second floor has access to a rooftop deck and the break room with downtown views to the east and the farm above.

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Photos by Mike Schwartz