Chicago, IL  |  2010

The Yao House is an existing wood frame single family residence. Perimeter Architects was hired to redefine the house in its entirety. This house is 30 feet from a CTA platform that is one of the busiest in the city. Four million passengers use this station each year and thus this project required a focus on sound, view, and natural light solutions. The new standing seam metal panel west wall is filled with an open-cell spray foam insulation, dramatically buffering sound from the train. Window fenestration has been reduced to a single 6’x 6’ deep set window. Skylights in the existing roof profile provide natural light and ventilation. 

A ‘slice’ in the existing roof gives lateral stability to a structural weak existing wood frame and hides mechanical rooftop unit from sight. A fully integrated scupper system was designed on the west roof pitch to produce a seamless wall to roof reading of the metal panel siding. The scupper has a thermostatically controlled heat-coil to monitor the potential ice built up in Chicago’s harsh winter. The sunken courtyard alters the reading of view to and from the train platform while providing private social space from the future slated pedestrian walk connecting Fletcher Avenue and Belmont Avenue.

Photos by Ana Miyares and Mike Schwartz.