Elevate Energy 


This non-profit energy consultant company challenged us to balance a strong design presence with their unwavering commitment to energy conservation. Through the efforts of the Elevate Energy LEED team and Perimeter Architects, this 15,000 sq. ft. office build-out received LEED Gold recognition.

Elevate Energy and Perimeter Architects were able to reuse 62% of the existing non-structural interior elements in the space and provided efficient lighting design that reduced the total wattage used in the space by 36%.

With over 100 employees on a single, mostly open floor, Perimeter Architects immediately recognized the need to develop an acoustic spatial strategy. Acoustic volumes wrapped in Tectum provided the necessary spatial division for the various company departments. The custom-designed overhead "cages" provide workstation lighting and further noise dampening through their shaped acoustic scrims. 

Office 3.jpg

Photos by Mike Schwartz Photo