932 Fletcher Avenue

Yao Exterior.jpg

The Yao residence is an existing wood-frame single-family residence. We were hired to redefine the house in its entirety. Because of the proximity- 30 feet from one of the busiest CTA platforms-this project required a focus on sound, view and natural light solutions. The new standing seam metal panel west wall is filled with open-cell spray foam insulation, dramatically buffering sound from the train.

A "slice" created in the existing roof  gives lateral stability to a structurally weak, existing wood frame and hides mechanical rooftop units from sight. A fully integrated gutter system was designed on the west roof pitch to produce a seamless wall-to-roof reading of the metal panel siding. The gutter has a thermostatically controlled heat coil to monitor the potential ice build-up in Chicago's harsh winters.

A difficult site right next door to an elevated train-becomes a way to explore the ways to create a rich light filled interior space.
— awards juror
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This is a brilliant solution on an impossible site. A refined interior encased in a gritty urban exterior, perfect for its location
— awards juror
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photos by Mike Schwartz Photo & Ana Miyares Photography